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TORRES, the project of New York-based Mackenzie Scott, releases“Gracious Day,” a new single off her forthcoming album, Silver Tongue, out January 31st on Merge Records. In conjunction, she announces a North American tour with more dates to be announced soon.

Following lead single “Good Scare,” “Gracious Day” is one of TORRES’ most forthright love songs, and champions “the brilliant, heartbroken optimism she’s able to conjure” (Vulture). Scott’s voice hovers over a starlit landscape in a way that transcends the mundane and enters the otherworldly as she sings, “Gracious day / You moved in like a wave of quiet grace / No surprise / Honey, I’m gonna love you all my life.”

My girlfriend was trying to leave me. I basically wrote this song for her from the valley of the shadow of death, desperate that she might give me another chance – it worked,” says Scott. “I felt like Ebenezer Scrooge after he wakes up on Christmas morning.”

Named after those whose words are so potent they cause the people and beings around them to vibrate, Silver Tongue is a full-scale realization of the world Scott has created over TORRES’ last few albums, and the first TORRES record produced solely by Scott. Silver Tongue  chronicles the impulses that make up desire—from the dreamy first blushes of infatuation through the slightly terrifying wonder that accompanies connection with another.

TORRES’ music has long navigated the space between the physical and the metaphysical, and Silver Tongue faces that conflict head-on, examining the ways in which the actions of others can stir up deep-seated feelings and seemingly alter the space in which one exists.

TORRES will play a record release show at The Sultan Room in New York on January 31st. Following dates in Europe in March, she will play shows across North America. Silver Tongue is available for pre-order on CD, LP, and “Saturn’s return” (half silver, half green) Peak Vinyl from Merge Records.

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